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Originally Posted by hpvoldy View Post
Zyanya jumped out of the train in excitement. She was finally here. Of course, they were only in Hogsmeade but they would reach there soon. She was going to Hogwarts!


She turned round to see that Amara was not there. Her sister had been held back by Rush who was reluctant to get up from his slumber. So she had come first.

Now where should she go? She knew they had to go by boats. Mom had told her. But where were the boats?

She went a few more steps and stood in a corner so as to make way for others. She wished Amara would come soon. She hated being alone.
Originally Posted by MabelleMalfoy View Post
Aphrodite walked out of the train after she finished changing her clothes unto robe, Theo said that they had changed their clothes before the train down and look after a groundskeeper that will take them to Hogwarts. When she came out, Aphrodite spotted Zyanya that standing in the middle alone, she decided to greet her, "Hi Zyanya, you're waiting for Amara?"
Amara literally jumped out of the train. Show-off. She held Rush rather tightly. She didn't want the little devil to jump and run again. She had sent Zyanya and the others ahead unless they wanted a show from Rush. She looked around and spotted Zyanya with Fro. She made way towards them.

"Hey, hey" she said, as she neared them. "He took so long to get out" she said, patting her little black cat. "Ready, shall we go?" she asked them. They had to get a boat, right?

And she found one missing. Natasha. Nice.

"Where is Nats?" she asked the pair of them. They'd all gone out together and she was the last one out of their compartment. She looked around, trying to find the shy little girl.
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