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18. Incarcerous

“Bloody idiot!”

Minerva was upset as she headed through the corridors of the castle. yet one couldn’t be sure just who she was more upset with. One Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore for willingly allowing himself to be carted away by the Minister of Magic or with Fudge for so blindly following anything that bleached snake told him.

“Imperious my foot.” Malfoy was a manipulative, pureblooded criminal. Pure and simple.

But it had all happened late at night and she had been dragged down from her quarters with the news. Now she had to run the school in his absence AND figure out how to get him out. All the while the mysterious dangers lay within Hogwarts so the safety of the students and staff were another responsibility left on her shoulders.


McGonagall stopped and turned to spot Madam Pomfrey coming her way, the school healer not looking too happy. “Yes, Poppy?” she responded acknowledging her co-worker and friend wondering what was up now.

“You might want to come with me.”
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