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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bernadette O. Grantham
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Duncan M. Fletcher III
Minister's Office

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David O. Truebridge
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14. Hogwarts, a History
“…and that is how I, the reigning Triwizard Tournament Champion, destroyed the man-eating cockatrice of 2073. And it’s why you should give me a discount here.” Fletcher finished with a charming grin.

“A raining what?”

“THE reigning Triwizard Tournament Champion!” Fletcher repeated emphatically. “Haven’t you heard of the TWT?”

The shopkeeper shook her head. “I’ll be right back,” Fletcher sighed. He raced out of the wand shop and returned shortly with a thick tome.

“Here,” he announced, plopping the heavy book before her. “Hogwarts, a History. I’m in it, so you should read it… and then give me that discount.”
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