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Charles began to tap his palms against his thighs while he waited for the line to move along and he could do what he needed to do here and be done with it. He could hardly be of any use to Carter aaaaaaaaaaall the way over here. His little munchkin of perfection would never forgive him if things didn't end in the boy's favor. Also, Charles rather liked the boy and genuinely thought that he deserved a spot on the Board.
Originally Posted by dan arjay View Post
"Please write legibly." he said with a smile on his face.

"You just need to write your name, the candidate's name. After dong so, my colleagues here will collect the form including the 100 galleon fee." he said nodding at every body in the room and in the queue.

He is now standing a bit far away from the table supervising and waiting for people to approach him, that is if they have any questions. This registration for the elections is running smoothly, although he cannot help but notice that everyone is disagreeing on the steep fee that was enforced upon them. For Zach, it is a bit ridiculous, but he cannot complain and he is not the one who made that rules.

He looked at the ones who have already finished, giving them a smile and a small wave as they are heading off.
Oh GOOD. It was finally his turn.

Nodding to the gentleman, Charles picked up the writing implement and filled in the appropriate information on the piece of paper.
for the consideration of Board of Governor's candidate
Carter Phillips
represented by Charles Hollingberry
to be placed on the ballot for the Board of Governor's Election
Was all that really necessary? Probably not, but it just looked more official that way. Charles even slid the man one of the cookies his little darling dumpling had made to show support for his candidate. "Remember, the quaffle is in your hands."

Heh. See that? Using the boy's slogan and all!

Once the paper work was done, Charles approached the other Ministry official and handed over a small white envelope with his and Carter's name written clearly on it and with the 100 galleon fee inside. "I believe I hand this to you?"

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