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Abby was rather nervous. Yet she reminded herself not be... after all it was not like she was an auror or something. Abigail was glad she was not an auror, as she would have found the job quite stressful...

Now she was lucky to get a respectable office job and all. She had eben lost in her book when she noticed she had someone she needed to sort out.
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Satine walked into the room...always nervous since she always felt like the youngest campaign manager...she glanced around quizzically trying to find where they were to turn in all of their information and their money, which she still was wondering the purpose of.

She glanced around with her usual smile and pep and then walked towards where it seemed a crowd was forming...was it a line...she couldn't really tell. She reached into her purple bag and pulled out her Muggle binder of information. Yes that was her, always overly prepared and organized...was she a little OCD...maybe.
Abby smiled her award winning smile at the campaign manager before her. She looked on the youngish side. Abby broke out into an even bigger smile when she noticed the binder. Abby always intended to be organised yet somehow she was never able to keep up with it so much once she got busy.

"Hello" she chirped. Yes she was one of those aonnying overly happy people. "I am Abigail Goodman... how may I be of service to you?" Abby already knew the answer, yet she like most women often asked questions she already knew the answer to.
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