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Smiling over at the undersecretary, Victoria tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, "I'm very good," She said motining randomly with her hands. "How're you?" Because it was polite to ask back and stuff.

Oh people here.
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Livia sneezed loudly and very un-ladlylike as she stepped out of the fireplace from which she had arrived at the ministry via the floo network services. Dusting off her two piece turquoise dress she procceed to level one. Coming into the Minister's office with her visitors tag stuck to strap of her handbag Livia scanned around for directions.

Her eye's landed on a table where some official looking people were sitting. Heading up to table instictively sure she was in the right place Livia took her place in the queue behind another manager (Chandler) to wait for her turn.

Seeing that managers started coming, Victoria turned forwards and fixed the best smile she could manage. She was used to this. As Zacharias greeted the first man in the line, the blond waited for the man to fill the papers and hand them over to her. WITH THE MONEY. Ahem...because it was important.

And another woman appeared. Victoria nodded at the woman, she was a manager too right? Unless she was in the wrong office. But the sign was clear enough.

As others came, Victoria offered a nod and reached for a parchment and a quill. Better not keep those people waiting. "How can I help you?" She said.
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