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She expected the note when it came. And as a member of the board of Electors she was very ready to this day. The managers were to come to register the candidates for the Ballot. Shouldn't be that hard. In fact, as a front desk secretary, she was used to such tasks and enjoyed them too. As long as she was working with a group of people, it delighted her.

As she got to the table, her heels clicking against the floor, the blonde spotted the undersecretary. With a smile on her face, she took a seat next to him. "Good day Mister McMillan," She said brightly. She was excited about this. As she hasn't gotten a chance to meet many of the Managers, she thought that now was a good chance. She might not have time to chat and talk but at least have their faces memorized.

Tapping her fingers on the table, She sat straight waiting for her fellow members of the board and for the managers to show up.
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