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16. Impedimenta

Minerva flew across the pitch as fast as she could, the quaffle tucked neatly under her arm. Today was the championship and the last match before she graduated and Gryffindor wasn’t about to let the snakes have the title.

Not if she could help it.

Weaving around members of both teams once she had received the pass and beheld the scarlet ball, the seventh year was nearing the Slytherin rings and ready to shoot her prize through the left hoop. However an opponent dressed in green had another plan and with a blur of activity, Minerva found herself stopped dead in her tracks by the larger player.


“FOUL!” the referee yelled calling attention and stopping both teams from any further action. Yet all the chaser knew was the fall to the ground as she was knocked out of commission for the rest of the game.

She woke up in the hospital wing with a whole slew of injuries and the morbid news that Slytherin had won.

“Bloody Snakes!”
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