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Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
The song had transitioned to a slow one and Roxanne was about to stop dancing and go back to her table, when someone suddenly spun her around. She was about to reach for her wand to hex whoever it was, but then she saw who it was. "Indeed, it has been a long time," she replied with a smile. "How have you been?" She still felt guilty over the way she had left things between them and wanted to make sure he was okay.

But then the booming voice of the Senior Undersecretary cut through the music, calling the final warning for the debate. "Ugh, already?" She was quite enjoying herself, thank you. Had even forgotten her irritation over the debate being held during a Ministry event. "Guess that means it's time to go...."
Well, that went better than he expected. In all honesty, Konrad was ready for any sort of reaction, but he was glad that they were still on good terms.

... right?

He shrugged in response to her question. "I've been fine. Certainly not as busy as you have been," he said, smirking. The Board of Governors? He never would have guessed that she was interested in that kind of stuff. But, almost as if on queue, a familiar voice asked them all to head over to the stage. "Good luck up there," he smiled encouragingly at her. Should he mention that he was on the Board of Electors? Perhaps she already knew that? "Shall we?" Well, it would have been nice to catch up a little, but they were both needed over there, at the stage.
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