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4. Blasting Curse

“There is nothing going on,” Minerva said wanting to roll her eyes at the pink witch. She and Filch were bound and determined to see past their paranoia and come upon some truth and the deputy headmistress wasn’t about to continue letting her badger the students.

“Oh…indeed there is,” Umbridge remarked, her words followed by that annoying laugh of hers. Cue inward sigh. “I will find out what it is if I have to turn this castle upside down.”

In the end it only took a blasting curse to solve the final piece to the puzzle. And after hearing what had been going behind the staff and High Inquisitor’s back, a silent smirk graced the elder Gryffindor’s face as she watched as the students were filed into Albus’ office.

Dumbledore’s Army.

100 points to Mr. Potter and his students
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