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••○•○•○ 38. PATRONUS ○•○•○••

"Harry can now cast the Patronus charm!" babbled Crabbe.

Shocked, "No way!" Draco muttered, "I can too! I have to!"

"Sure, but it takes a powerful wizard to conjure it," Hermione butted in, in reply to Draco. "Which you aren't!"

"What would a mudblood know about our superior skills?" Draco sneered, with his sidekicks snickering.

"Forget her!" Draco ordered, "What would my patronus possibly be?" he asked Crabbe & Goyle.

"Snake?" Goyle suggested. Best bet for a pureblood Slytherin.

"That'd be good, yeah!" Malfoy said with a pondering look on his face.

"I think.. it may be a ferret!" Hermione smirked.

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