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Despite Louisa's testament about there not passing any other students on the way up here, Elwood felt a presence. It was frustrating to not be able to tell who it was but it felt oddly familiar--like the one who had appeared in her office after the Headmistress brought it there. It would be her responsibility to ask the Board of Governors for more money to buy knew a crystal ball class set.

" may be right about Peeves, the staff has been having some trouble with him lately." She said putting her hands on her hips and making her expression one of dejectedness rather than the fearful confusion she was really feeling. She wasn't going to upset and frighten the girl with tales of the Spectre that attacked the Headmistress in her office, she shouldn't have met with Louisa here!

"Yes, Peeves was probably just bored." she sighed again. "Oh thanks so much dear but we don't need to do too much, these crystal balls are ruined and can't just be put back together but you can help fix the stool and small table over there and place them back against the wall." As the Ravenclaw did that, Callie reached for the rolled up rug. She walked over to the large powdered and crushed glass pile and just unrolled the rug to cover the mess up.

All better.

Louisa missed the thoughtful Elwood as she stared at the mess and smashed crystal balls with a sad expression. It was not fair and very frustrating to see this mess in the good professor's office. Like, why didn't it happen to Scabior? Hmm? He must've killed someone with a heart attack throughout his miserable life. Sigh. "The bloody baron should be keeping his eye on him more often. He tried to bury Nigel in CoMC class." Her toe poked a shard of glass lightly. Yep, ruined for good.

With a definite nod, the Ravenclaw went to the table and stool toppled over each other. It was really easy to just straightening them and then pushing them against the wall. Then turned back to the woman covering the shattered crystal balls. "Uh why are you covering it, professor?" Shouldn't she dispose of them? Evanesco maybe? Oooh unleeess, "Are crystal balls have magical qualities? Like the ball itself without the wizard or witch applying any spells on it?" Cuddles then came to view and was standing at the door staring at Louisa demanding attention.
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