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Originally Posted by Lezleighd View Post
The professor smiled and shook her head up and down at each presentation. She clapped politely at the end of each one and had to stifle a little laugh with some of them.

After each group had gone, she stepped forward and said, "Okay, that's it for today! Ya'll all did a great job presenting your villains. Once again, if you need more information about superheros or villains remember I have lots of books to share..." she said motioning towards a bookshelf in the corner, "And our lovely librarian has opened a section full of books and comics..."

She stepped forward and flipped over the dry erase board and the Homework was neatly written across it:

"Thank you everyone for coming and I can't wait to see what you create for your homework!" she said excitedly walking through the crowd and standing beside the door to say goodbye to each of the students.

OOC: Thanks for coming. I left the thread open for a while to help with the rping in the groups. Thanks everyone!
After the muggle superhero homework, now is to create a villain. Now this is really challenging. She wrote down the homework, fixed her things and approach the door to leave the class. "Bye Professor! You have a good day!", she said as she waved goodbye to the woman.
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