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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Trailed by her cat Louisa climbed the stairs up to the Divination tower. "I forgot how much stairs we took every day in six years.." she was talking to Cuddles. ".. I mean, don't get me wrong I don't mind sleeping in a hall with a thousand student breathing the same recycled air over and over again, and where odors are mixed together to form one choking gross smell, or where the little kids might end up rolling in their sleeping bags over you squishing you to death. No, I love that but I also would rather have my own room, even with Vivi's snoring." Which was not necessarily true but.. yeah, whatever.

The Ravenclaw sighed loudly as she descended the wooden steps to Professor Elwood's unusual office. "This is why I need someone to talk to who doesn't have NEWTs. Or a tail." She was talking to cats a lot lately for crying out loud! Louisa knocked on the door twice and gave her cat a measured look.

She better not eat Callie's parrot.
Because it was the afternoon and she wasn't currently babysitting the entire student body in the Great Hall as they slept, Professor Elwood was SLEEPING. She had snuck up to her office after she was released by the Headmistress and was catching up on her beauty rest; deep down the rich, upstate New York girl was still there.

She had been woken up by a squawk from Galileo and was ready to thrown a sandal at him when there was a knock on her door. Oh a student? Callie hadn't had many visitors lately.

The blonde stood up from her desk and checked her appearance in the mirror. After using her wand to fix it back to normal she cracked the door open and then opened it wide when she saw who it was. "Louisa, what a suprise! And who's this little fellah?" She poked a finger out towards the cat. It was super cute. "Come on in dear, we can have some lemonade."
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