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Default Presentation continued.
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Originally Posted by JennMarie View Post
Ariana sat there nodding too everything Miss Hannah was saying. Yes yes our guy was awesome and all that jazz. Then she was done and she motioned over to Ariana, and Ariana looked onto the class and saw everyone just staring at her.. and she froze up.. Stage fright? yes. Ariana Logan could fly her broom in front of the entire school and embaress herself but the moment she was in a classroom with 20 other children she freezes. Ariana looked to her partner and she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

'What is going on Logan!?' she thought to herself, and in her head she was saying her part just fine, but no words were coming out. she looked to the floor and tried to talk.. nothing... Oh boy.. this was not good
Hannah was looking at her feet as she waited for her partner to say her part about their villian. She felt like Ariana was talking forever to start talking, but she couldn't be sure because standing in front of the class seemed to play tricks on the time. For all she knew it could have only been a few seconds but she could feel the eyes of everyone burning into her face. She peeked up at Ariana and noticed that she had froze. Great! This was just great! This girl better be glad that she was a fellow Slytherin because if it would have been anybody one else she would have just let the girl stand there and look like a fool.

She cleared her throat and decided to come to her rescue. "What Ariana researched about our villian is that his arch foe was Ikaris and this his alter ego was En Sabah Nur." Pause. Yeah, she was going to give the credit to Ariana because afterall she was the one who researched this part and they were on the same team. She didn't mean just in this class but that they were in the same house and they both wanted to win...she was sure. "He was a mutant. He also had several abilities such as Teleportantion, Energy manipulation and Technopathy." There she had helped her out and she hoped that they were done with the presentation.
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