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Bernadette O. Grantham
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Duncan M. Fletcher III
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David O. Truebridge
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63. Mooch
"Whups," Fletcher muttered as WWW merchandise spilled from his pockets, "I was gonna pay for that."

"Darn TOOTIN', you were!" shouted the outraged shopkeeper. Fletcher just snickered and bent down to pick up the spilled pranks, while Mallory ‘helped’ throw things around.

The shopkeeper ended up so irritated with both Fletchers that he picked up the rest of the items for them. While he was distracted, Fletcher tossed Peruvian Instant Darkness powder into the air and quickly stole out the door… with some merchandise still in his hands.

“That, my dear,” he informed his giggling toddler, “is how we mooch!”

Dedicated to Sarahloooohooo for playing with me. ;D
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