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SPOILER!!: Sorry Sarah :(
Originally Posted by Princesspower View Post
Sarah watched grimly from the sidelines as the two gilrs acted out the skits. She had decided to let them do it because it was only fair to give them a chance. After all she had written the script. Yet she watched as her carefully laid plans cumbled before her eyes and her fury like Mt Etna was erupting from with in. First of all, Befelda missed the whole point of it, which was to not tell everyone out right, rather to convey it through riddles like Riddler could hav done, yet Befelda ruined everything with her address before the scripts. Then the question mark story, Sarah blanched as she watched, that girl missed the whole point! It was meant to be more subtle... there is name called Mark, yet having a name called question was clearly over the top. Sarah could not stand slow people and stupid people, they made her so fustrated and she felt like pummeling her fists against Befelda. Instead she clenched them to her side.
She bowed along with the rest of them and pretended not to notice the fact that hey took all the credit and they high fived each other, forgetting about Sarah, whose Idea it was. If not for Sarah the whole thing would not have happened. If there was any slight chanc of them winning, Hufflepuff would not deserve the points because it was all Sarah's idea. True, she gave them the chance to act it out yet they just messed it up. SARAH OFFICALLY HATED GROUP WORK! Especially with younger kids!
Sarah was struggling to hold back her emotions, "well done guys" she said to them trying to hold back any emotions. Yeah well done for ruining it. No good deed goes unpunished...

Befelda was a little surprised with Sarah's face. She congratulated her but it seems it was in an ungrateful way. She asked her. "Thanks. But it seems you're not that grateful. We did it! What's the matter?", she asked her nicely.

She really had to cut the scenes short as it would really take time. Perhaps, that's what made Sarah a little....mad?, she thought. She then asked Sarah. "Was it about the script? We have to shorten it as we have a little less time to present. If that's the reason why your face's like that, I'm really sorry.", she said sincerely to Sarah. She's hoping for a positive outcome.
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