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As expected Vivi took charge once more and started dishing out orders like she was the one who signed the cheques at the end each month. She listened to her giving out the instructions and stuff then nodded when she heard that Max would help her with her costume. Good. If anyone saw her in Transfiguration class they would have given the same orders so this time she wouldn't even pretend to be offended. All help was appreciated.

She took a step back that put her even less in the way of the others so they could hop to their designated tasks while she watched Max make her a mask. Lex grinned in satisfaction when he showed her the mask. "Neat! I love it!!!! Can I keep it when we're done??" It was a cool need to make it go to waste after it'd served its purpose. He seemed a little hesitant when he was showing it to her but she couldn't figure out why--the mask was genius!

Her eyes widened when he asked her to change her hair. "Are you kidding me?!" She exclaimed. "I'll be willing to change it even if you don't know how to get it back to normal!" Cue even wider GRIN. "I can mess it up if you want," Hair was hair afterall, "but I still want it green!" Nod. She yanked the scrunchie from her hair without a seconds hesitation, ruining the already messy ponytail, then proceeded to make a mess of her hair. "Okay, you can turn it green now!"

Alexa waited patiently for her hair to turn crazy as he began transfiguring a coat. It was an interesting?coat. "Pfft, I likesss me the weird look." She said, eagerly grabbing the neat coat and throwing it on then she grabbed the mask and threw it on too. "Now how do I look?"

And yes she was still waiting to have her hair go green. Cough. Cough.
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