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Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Damon nodded, "Of course," He smiled at her, standing up quickly, "She did seem to like it... Would you like to hear it? And I'm not that talented." He laughed slightly at her reaction to him staying, "The strangers would just put me back to what I was like two years ago before I met Taylor, never knew anyone else." He shrugged, "So it's not like it would be anything I wouldn't have been used to."

"Having feelings for someone doesn't make them off limits though," Damon smiled at her. Then shook his head, "Belle was a nice girl, I'll admit but I don't think I could like her more then a friend, or maybe a sister, like you are." He smirked at her next statement, "So you finally admitted you liked him then? I'm sure it would be fun, though Ari and I might be leaving this weekend. I haven't seen Dad in a long time, I'm sure he misses me."
Minerva looked at him as he stood up so fast, why was he standing she wondered. 'Oh Damon you are so talented and you need to be aware of that. I would love to here the song." She smiled at her friend, but then frowned a bit, "Isn't it nice to have all these friends now though? Why on earth would you want to go back to not having friends around?" Being a very social person she couldn't understand why anyone would care to be alone. It just seemed a bit strange to her and she was glad he wasn't going to be somewhere he didn't know anyone.

Minerva grinned, "Well in this case it did, so there.." She laughed playing the role of younger sister for a moment taunting her older brother. She was so blessed to have a few friends so close to her that she thought of as family since she didn't have any family other then her grandparents. Then it was her time to blush a bit, "Yes it was right after Christmas break. I saw him in the kitchens and I just told him how I felt. So we went on a date and have just been getting to know each other. He is very nice and I really think you'll like him Damon." She knew she was starting to go on and on, but she just couldn't stop. "After the match is when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Maxwell is kind of being a jerk to him, so I can't wait for my nicer friends to meet him, so he knows that not every guy friend of mine is going to threaten him." She pouted a bit still irritated at the way Maxwell acts towards Ethan.
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