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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Minerva smiled, "Well that's nice to be getting back to your book. I want to read it when it's all finished." Of course she wanted to read it, it was her friends book, it had to be good and she was excited to read it for him. Then she smiled a bit more, "Of course you already wrote her a song, why would I have ever thought differently." She chuckled at him. "I bet she didn't like it, I bet she loved it. You are just so talented. I know she enjoyed it." Then she clapped her hands excited, "Good, because your last term should be here with your friends, not off somewhere with strangers, and you hate strangers, so end of story."

Minerva rolled her eyes, "Oh come on.. You two still had feelings for each other, so of course she was off limits during the match." Rolling her eyes she sighed, "Damon your so blind at times, something could have been with Belle, that was obvious, but I am super happy for you and Ariana. You know the four of us need to hangout at sometime. You need to meet Ethan." She blushed a bit, he wasn't the only one that started dating someone after that match...
Damon nodded, "Of course," He smiled at her, standing up quickly, "She did seem to like it... Would you like to hear it? And I'm not that talented." He laughed slightly at her reaction to him staying, "The strangers would just put me back to what I was like two years ago before I met Taylor, never knew anyone else." He shrugged, "So it's not like it would be anything I wouldn't have been used to."

"Having feelings for someone doesn't make them off limits though," Damon smiled at her. Then shook his head, "Belle was a nice girl, I'll admit but I don't think I could like her more then a friend, or maybe a sister, like you are." He smirked at her next statement, "So you finally admitted you liked him then? I'm sure it would be fun, though Ari and I might be leaving this weekend. I haven't seen Dad in a long time, I'm sure he misses me."
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