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Cora Clearwater
Fourth Year

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Penny Alexandra Clearwater
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Cora didn't know what was going on. One minute she was blinded by light in a blue room, and floating off dangerously, and the next she was in this room. Peeves was causing trouble, but Cora just wanted to catch her breath.

Not like any of this was outright SCARY, but Cora was a bit pale for the matter, easily startled as ever.

Alright. Focus. Homework.

Cora tried to grab parchment to write homework down, but simply spilled things everywhere. Grabbing her things, and maybe leaving some behind, she attempted a small smile at the professor.

"Um, thanks Professor. That was...entertaining." Cora could tell she wasn't fooling anyone with her attempt at being nonchalant about everything. She DID actually think it was a good lesson. She just nearly had a heart attack at the end.
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