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"KYAAAAAAAAAAA!" Kurumi squeaked, stumbling backwards and tripping over nothing in particular when Peeves suddenly emerged from the desk just as she set her parchment down. To make matters worse, the moment she collected herself and stood up again, the poltergeist flew right THROUGH her and caused her already shivering body from the RAIN in the previous room to shiver again.


Somewhat glaring at Peeves, Kurumi noticed that he had a wand in his hands - or sort of in his hands since he was playing with it - and shouting about having fun with a girl. o_______________O "Peeves...whose wand is that?" And WHY had he taken a wand in the first place? Wait, no, this was Peeves...he didn't have a reason.

While Kurumi waited nervously for Professor Scabior to find something wrong with her parchment check her facts, Kurumi glanced nervously at the poltergeist again and made sure that her wand was safely tucked away in her pocket. And then her attention was back on Professor Scabior when he actually said she had won - which was shocking to the Gryffindor. She was pretty sure that he would have told her that one of her letters was too slanted and not readable so therefore her fact was wrong or something - she HAD been in a hurry. "Thank you, professor," Kurumi said with a small bow. More time to study for NEWTs this way - which had been her aim.

Kurumi wasn't sure WHY she had been expecting the man to tell Peeves off, but she ended up dropping her jaw a little when he told the poltergeist to go teach Alexa a lesson. Alexa? Seriously? Merlin why was it always that girl? She was going to get herself suspended again, wasn't she?

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