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Originally Posted by Killer.Doodles View Post

Scabior simply raised a brow, the last time he checked he didn't stuck Peeves- oh. Hm. "Clearly it wasn't on purpose. Don't let me call the Baron." He threatened, JUST like he did when he was twelve years old and Peeves wouldn't get out of his face. The Poltergeist had never been pleasant. "Go back if you want. I encourage you to have fun with her. Teacher her a lesson if you will, since she missed most of mine.

Yeah. Go on Peeves. Go be a Professor.
And when did Peeves ever do as he was told? Yeah, never.

"NOOOOOOOO thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks,"
Peeves' usual evil laugh sounded more like a whine at mention of the Baron. He stuck one of his free fingers in his mouth and floated it toward Scabby's ear like he was going to give him a wet willy. "No Baron needed here, Sir, NO SIR! I was just leaving, actually."

He popped the wet finger into his box of candy dots instead, swiping up a whole row of dots with the moisture. "I'mma do you a favor, Mr. Professor Teacher Man," Peeves grinned impishly. "And I'm going to leave YOU with that Gryffindork's wand. Cos YOU can do magic with it and YOU can torture her with it. And cos that's YOUR job, not MINE!"

What good was a wand to Peeves? NO GOOD, ACTUALLY. He might as well toss the stick into the fireplace rather than wave it around. "'Ere you go!" Peeves cackled and dropped the wand on Scabby's head, zoooooooming out the side window immediately afterward.
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