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If the first person to turn something in was... the winner, then Vivi wasn't sure it was worth the effort. Plus she was definitely coming down with something. She trudged to the desk and leaned against it, giving Scabior a stern look before she sneezed violently into her sleeve.

Merlin, she was dying here. DYING.

SPOILER!!: Final Answer
1. Ghosts - only magical beings can become ghosts. Non-corporeal.
2. Ghouls - harmless and extremely ugly creatures that tend to live in the more unused spaces in a wizarding home (attics are a favorite). Corporeal.
3. Poltergeist - generally don't have a physical form (although they can), but they can affect the physical environment. Unlike ghosts, poltergeists were never living beings.

Boom. She slapped the wet parchment on the desk and sneezed again.
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