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Alexa practically bolted up every flight of stairs that separated her from the Healer. Sure she was positive the woman was the scariest person on the planet but at the moment she found something even more terrifying and felt a conversation with the Healer was well worth any hex she might have gotten--so long as the woman was able to fix the problem of course...otherwise it'd be a terrible waste and she'd just end up right back at her doors for help removing said hexes.

Lex knocked on the door a couple times before she began pacing the floor.

Were you even allowed to visit the Healer even though you weren't ill? She would worry about that later but after recent events she didn't know who else to turn to...okay so maybe she could have gone to Prof. Lafay--pfft, yeah right. The Healer it was.

Come on, come on... Her eyes kept darted to the door as she paced. This. Was. An. EMERGENCY. To her anyway...
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