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Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Damon laughed, "You'd be the only one Min." Damon shrugged to her question, "Just writing." Simple answer as always with him.

"I repeat, got back together after the game." Damon smiled at her, "So that fact would've been wrong... At the time anyways." He chuckled seeing her so excited, "Well, thanks for the congrats."
Minerva laughed, "I bet there are others.. Your goth look isn't that scary, but I do pick the green eyes, but I guess you know that." She giggled at her friend. Then he made her curious, writing, a smile crossed her face. "A poem? I like your poems..or are you writing a song? Maybe something for Ariiiiaaaannnaaa." She laughed joking with him. "So mister.. does this mean all this dumb talk about not coming back to hogwarts is over?" She hoped he was done with that.

Minerva chuckled, "What's your point, before the game, after the game.. People need to know she is off limits." Sticking her tongue out at him she nudged his shoulder a bit. "Well as cute as I thought you and Belle were, this does make me happy. Part of our group can hangout again and be civil. You know we all haven't hung out all term." She frowned at this missing her friends together.
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