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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
So... Milton was worried, kind of. He knew Taryn had been wanting to be one of Evolette McKenna's little modeling minions forever and that she totally had it, but there was something else that she needed to talk about. And apparently they had to do it in secret... It was odd, but Milton remained calm. No use in worrying just yet, really.

Approaching the familiar wall, Milton smiled at Taryn and kissed her in greeting. "Hello, love." She didn't look nervous, so that was a good sign. Milton gestured at the wall. "Shall we?" Or, shall she? He would let her do the room-creation business.
Taryn was going back and forth in her head as she waited, pondering her options. Which was the better one? What about the other things? When she spotted Milton, her brain shut down. "Hi." Eh, that came out smaller than she'd wanted it to. She just smiled at him and returned the kiss and THAT was when she started feeling nervous. She was REALLY hoping that Milton would be understanding and helpful, but she had a feeling that he wouldn't be... not with ALL of it.

She'd almost forgotten that they were going to seek entrance into the room of requirement, "Right." Taryn nodded but it was evident in her voice that she was quite distracted. She did her thing, pacing and thinking and there it was! Good. Cause she really wanted to be somewhere where she felt comfortable enough to tell him everything.

Without another word, she reached for Milton's hand and led him inside.
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