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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Stella lathered her arms up with the potion, and then she moved on to her legs. Merlin, was she ever pale! It looked as if she hadn't seen the sun in years, which... was fairly true. Being a Healer and on call as a midwife meant that she worked odd hours. How long had it been since a proper vacation?

"Fine, you've worn me down. I'll try it." Stella finished lathering and offered the potion to the woman before taking the umbrella drink. It was quite refreshing... and a shame she'd have to walk up the beach to get one for herself. A handsome man could bring her one, kthx.

"So also from the UK. That's super." She settled back into her seat, pausing over the question as she decided how much she trusted the woman. It would be hard for anyone to find her here, and she'd chosen this spot of beach... "I have a daughter, but she's at home with her father. They thought it might be nice for me to get away on my own." Sort of.
Lexi watched the lady slather herself with sunblock potion and couldn't help but smile. How was she intending to get any color if she put on enough sunblock to blot out the sun itself? Hehe.

Smiling, Lexi took the potion, eyed it curiously and set it aside. No need for that. Heh. "Good, right?" BEAM. It helped Lexi's tummy not feel so icky and it was all natural apparently. Couldn't hate that. Nodding her head Lexi stretched slightly and smiled brighter. "Oh that's nice! I have two children, twins actually. But... my daughter is with her uncle at the moment." No mention of the son since her husband had him... and well she didn't get to see him at all. Ever. Lexi's face fell for a moment and she paled slightly...

Shaking herself she put her smile back in place and shrugged her shoulders. "It's nice to have a get away from time to time." Even though Lexi probably shouldn't have been traveling alone she had set off for Fiji with no one but her family knowing. And they would never tell a soul. Ever. "I was thinking of going to the spa later... if you'd like to go along." Neither of them had company, right? They could hang out a little. Heh.
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