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Clad in an open shirt, swimming trunks and sun glasses to shade his dark eyes from the sun Lucas made the short walk from his bungalow down to the white sandy beach. Choosing a spot for himself on the sand not too far away from the spectacular crystal blue water he kicked off his shoes. Pulling out a blanket out of his beach bag he spread it out on the sand. Taking his shirt off Lucas lied down on the blanket and closed his eyes for a moment to just relax and take in the sounds around him of the trees and exotic birds flying overhead as well as the people around.

It was nice to be on vacation even if he still felt a little guilty about leaving the blond from the lobby without knowing if her friend eventually had showed up or not. But given that Lucas hadn't see her in the hotel restaurant later the night before he figured that Willow’s friend had showed up in the end.
Stepping carefully across the white sandy beach Willow was dressed in just a light blue bikini and a floral sarong. In her hands she held a beach blanket, her sandals and some suntan lotion as well as a book. Ontop her head she had some sunglasses. She'd given up finding Logan. After the encounter of Lucas in the lobby she'd gotten unpacked and then had fallen asleep briefly having slept through dinner. When she'd finally gotten to the restaurant Lucas had been gone. Or hadn't come either. She'd gotten a bite then headed for the water.

Halfway across the sand she noticed Lucas laying on a blanket and hesitated, he wouldn't very well be interested in seeing her again, and would probably just think of her as a nuisance just someone bored because her friend wasn't anywhere around. She'd left a text message with Noah but hadn't heard back. Still hesitating she finally just set her blanket a short distance from Lucas. But not too close. Figuring he'd definitely not want her too close. She was determined to be aloof and maybe...act like she didn't realize he was there?

Dropping her book and sandals on the blanket, Willow headed for the water, twisting her long hair up onto her head so she could wade in the water, feeling the sand squish between her toes.
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