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Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
Vickers made his way towards the 4th floor, eyes carefully scanning the paintings and various statues for that tapestry Louisa spoke of. Cradled between his hands was a curious looking red colored wooden triangular cylinder, a little over a foot high with its triangular base about the width of his hands side by side.

When he found the tapestry he set the triangular cylinder standing upright on the ground and touched the small parchment that had Louisa's name scribbled carefully across it. Hearing the clock tower ring out meant that the Head Girl will be making her way soon to this floor. Quickly he stood and sneaked behind the tapestry to hide himself at the mouth of the passage, peering behind the heavy fabric as he waited for his girlfriend to show up.

SPOILER!!: what the project looks like when opened

Getting up to the fourth floor from the courtyard never took that much time for the Ravenclaw, but every few steps a kiddo would ask something or look like someone who needs a firm look to NOT do whatever their hyper little minds were thinking of doing. Louisa had the urge of shouting Hallelujah when the corridor was empty and peacefully extended in front of her. She looked around, spotted a painting with a lady and a mirror and approached, patting her hair and fixing her uniform tie, did mirrors in magical paintings worked on them? The woman in the painting spotted this tall girl trying to peer into her wall mirror, invading her painting's privacy! So she started blocking the view, sticking her tongue out at the outsider smugly.

If she wasn't already late, Louisa would've lagged behind and showed this old painting lady who's boss and ALIVE. Since this was the case, she trusted her hands blindly and moved away from the wall to where the tapestry was.

There was no Vickers there. Was she too late? Did he get too impatient? Was he lost? Did-- Oh! Her eyes spotted the red cylindar, sitting on the floor all alone. That was.. weird. Only when she walked closer did she see the parchment with her name on, Louisa's face beamed as she crouched before the 'gift' and opened it.

♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♪

"Wow." She blinked, and watched the rosy figure spin elegantly with the music. "This is.. brilliant.." she couldn't help but mutter, her hand gingerly hovering over the spinning flowery 'doll' eager to touch it.
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