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Originally Posted by Yourenodaisy View Post
It had taken forever to get back up to the castle, with their slow carefully placed steps. They had walked slowly in an attempt to avoid falling, but Emmaleigh had managed to slip several times anyways. Thankfully, each time she felt herself falling, Max was there to steady her. He truly was amazing.

When they stopped by the kitchen, Em had been tempted to quickly run into her dormitory to put on something a little more comfortable, and a little less bulky. She decided against it though, in an effort to get up to the Room of Requirement faster. Instead, she walked with Max into the kitchen. As the boy got their tea, Em grabbed a few things for them to snack on when they realized they were hungry.

As the climbed all the way to the seventh floor, they discussed the room they were going to try to enter. Well, it was mostly Max talking. Em tried to offer helpful suggestions, but with a basket full of food, and her large cuppa tea, She found herself concentrating on making it to the top without spilling everything.

That was it? She had never paid this spot much attention, though her being on the seventh floor was pretty rare. The only time she ventured this high in the castle was for divination, and trips to the owlery. It was just an ordinary spot, and she didn’t usually go around studying blank sections of wall.

She could do it? Of course she could. There was no way they were going to be forced to visit the crowed library, return to the kitchen with the house elves, or go to their own common rooms. They had need of this room, and she was determined to get them in there. “Can you hold this please?” she asked, handing her tea over to Max. If she had to hand onto that while she did it, the room would probably only contain a mop due to her fear of spilling it all.

Sitting the basket of food on the floor, Emmaleigh squared her shoulders and began making her first pass, thinking of what they needed from the room. All they needed was a small cozy room, with a warm fireplace, and a comfy sofa. Something to prop their feet on and a table to set their drinks on would be good too. As she walked, she heard her snow pants making a swooshy sound. They needed a room for both of them. Once more, she found herself wishing they had changed clothes. Turning for her next pass, she shook her head. That wasn’t what she was supposed to be thinking about right now. She was supposed to be thinking about how they needed warm blankets, in their cozy little room. Their room with a fireplace, and seats, and a table or two, their place to warm up together. Making her final pass, she thought about how it needed to be a pleasant room that they would enjoy being in, and well feel comfortable in. She concentrated on going over the list of things they needed one last time.

When she finished, she turned to see a door forming on the wall. She grinned at Max, “It worked!” Grabbing the basket off the floor, she waited eagerly to see what the room looked like.

Grinning to himself as she obliged, Max set his broomstick on the floor before taking Em's tea from her. He held their mugs in his hands, enjoying the warmth they produced as he observed her pacing in front of the door. Though he was curious as to what she was imagining or saying they needed, he didn't ask - no need to break her concentration.

Then the door appeared! She did it! "You did it!" The Room DID like them after all. Well, hopefully it did. For all they knew, the room could turn out to be much different from what they thought they needed. "Right. Let's go!" After she picked up the food basket, he gave her back her mug of tea, opened the door for her, then picked up his broomstick, following Emmaleigh inside the Room of Requirement with anticipation.
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