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Originally Posted by grangerfan8 View Post
Aleksandra lead the way down the beach, shaded eyes sweeping the area for the right spot to sit. She hadn't been anywhere this warm in a while, and she certainly hadn't had a proper vacation from everything in almost a year. It had been easy to agree to come on this vacation, especially since she'd be in such handsome company.

"Here is good," She paused and glanced back at Noel with a slight smirk, dropping her shoes to the sandy ground. "Here is much better than a Bermuda." Even if it was a bit more crowded that the other beach.
Noel was only a few steps behind, carrying the chairs and blankets, taking in more of the scenary than finding a good spot. A little break from staring at words in a book was nice but this was definitely better than nice. Look at the water! Having not been on many vacations, he didn't quite pack well enough for this. Maybe shorts would've been best.

He stopped next to Aleksandra, placing the blankets and chairs down in position. "I 'ear zat zeir sand is pink." Just after setting up the second chair, he looked up to his company, squinting in the sunlight but still all smiley. "And coarse."
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