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Argyle crawled under the Slytherin house table in search of the small green flower broochie. Argyle knew the broochie had to be around somewhere. Poor broochie was lost somewhere and the studentsies might break the broochie if it wasn't found. What if the studentsies stepped on Headmistress's broochie? And so much dirt on the groundsie. Argyle was disappointed. Studentsies were messy. Messy studentsies meant lots of work for the elvsies! Argyle would need to get cleaning here soon too. Argyle wanted to sweep now but Argyle was on a mission. Argyle's eyes grew ever wider and she popped her elvsie head out from under the table, jumping up onto the bench.

"Studentsies! Headmistress's broochie is missing. Argyle and the elvsies need to find the broochie. Small green flower broochie is gone! Have studentsies seen the broochie?"
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