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Originally Posted by Monte Bossa View Post
Oh Merlin's striped socks, he loved the weekends in which Hogsmeade was busy. So many new faces! So many new styles! So many gorgeous hair colors... it was a stylist's heaven. "Good daaaaaay, good day!" Monte SMILED while he greeted the new arrival. "How can I help you today?"
Lights' smile got brighter still as the stylist greeted her. His enthusiasm certainly was infectious! "Well, I've had my hair like this pretty much all my life," she said, holding up a bright blonde curl (not very practical for stealth work, might she add. The colour was almost luminous, like a bright gold beacon). "Frankly it has become way too normal. I had it cut short and streaked with blue in Italy about a decade ago but I think something a little less ... outgoing would be more my style now. I was thinking something like this?" She held out a photo of one of her sister's friends for Monte to see. "Some caramel streaks? Maybe make my hair less curly and more wavy?" She had complete faith in his ability to work miracles.

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