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Originally Posted by Monte Bossa View Post
Picking up the orange cover from the counter, he threw it over the woman and clipped it in the back. Monte stood behind the chair, looking into the very large and oddly shaped mirror as he did what all hair stylists did. He messed with her hair a bit. "Allllllright now. We're gunna start with the coloring, so give me just a second."

Monte went over and pulled over a small cart, pieces of foil stacked up next to a bowl full of liquid stuff that had a pleasant cinnamon smell to it. Or maybe it was ginger. Apple? With a flick of his wand, the mixture started to stir itself. "Is this your first coloring?"
Chelle nodded as he started to mess with her hair. She sighed, "Well, yes, it's my first time getting it colored... But it's also the first time I'm letting someone touch my hair in about twenty five years." Chelle sighed, "And I guess I'm a little nervous, seeing how I have my own muggle salon and... I'm just slightly worried... But I thought I'd try something new with my hair and it's stylist."
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