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Originally Posted by Colley ♥ View Post
It probably made more sense to study in the library since she was actually on the same floor, but there were too many distracting people in there. So, she'd come into the hallway and still... distracting people. Though Aspen hadn't even said a word, she was still distracting. Best friends took precedence over studying, obviously.

Taryn closed the book and it gave a LOUD thud that echoed through the whole hallway. Whoops. Glancing up, she waved at the bat, "What's up, E?" Hehe. Cute. Then she looked at the girl next to her, "Hello welcome distraction, long time no see." She nudged her friend and tilted her head, "Have you missed me?"

OF COURSE she had!

Egbert wasn't exactly the friendly neighborhood bat (he was Aspen's after all), but he did yawn and be otherwise cute for Taryn.

Aspen, on the other hand, gave her friend one of those loooooooks. Aspen took all questions serious, even silly ones, but one LOOK at Taryn and the Ravenclaw knew the answer was already answered within the skull of the Slytherin. No answer from Aspen required.

"What are you studying?"
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