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Originally Posted by Colley ♥ View Post
Taryn was seated on the floor, back against the wall, legs crossed and well out of the way of passers by. She had an incredibly heavy and incredibly large book on her lap and she was ATTEMPTING to read it, but well, it wasn't working out so well. She was too distracted for studying. Silently, she tugged her hair back into a ponytail so that it wasnt hanging around her face and being distracting. Glancing around the page, she skipped back a couple hundred lines and tried again.

Aspen let Egbert loose as soon as she entered the passageway that housed her friend. She hadn't much talked to her friends this term, instead keeping a distance from anyone that was related to blood. She had her reasons.

Egbert flew up and attached himself to an overhanging wall sconce, and Aspen settled on the floor under him, near Taryn. The book got a glance over, but that was it. Friends didn't need to greet each other right?
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