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Originally Posted by DeathEater1 View Post
Cardigan had something in mind already: she wanted this unique braided hairstyle, with some eye catching highlights! She wouldn't get terribly too much though, because she didn't want to end up with half whatever color and half blonde. It wouldn't look too classč.

"Hmm, I would like a styling with some highlights, and a bottle of Just Hold it It Gel, please," Cardigan said, holding up a quick sketch with the right colored highlights and style. That should do the trick! We wouldn't want her hairstyle to fall out now, would we? She was pretty sure she had a bottle of hairspray up in her trunk, but it might've ran out already. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to potential fashion emergencies. Her hair frizzed up a lot, so she constantly needed to use hairspray or gel to keep it on place, and to keep it from going everywhere. Not the prettiest sight, mind you!
SPOILER!!: Hairstyle sketch
Well that certainly was a style one didn't see every day.

Monte LOVED it!!

"I believe we can work this out." he grinned as he turned to gesture on over to gesture to the work stations behind the front desk. Yes, come on over! No need to be shy or anything.

Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Chelle followed him back, a little more nervousness came to her, could she really trust someone else with her hair? It was hard to get costumers to come to her muggle salon if it's owner had horrible hair... But then she had all the supplies she'd need to fix it if her hair didn't come out the way she wanted... Right? She sat down and looked at him with a half kind half nervous smile.
Picking up the orange cover from the counter, he threw it over the woman and clipped it in the back. Monte stood behind the chair, looking into the very large and oddly shaped mirror as he did what all hair stylists did. He messed with her hair a bit. "Allllllright now. We're gunna start with the coloring, so give me just a second."

Monte went over and pulled over a small cart, pieces of foil stacked up next to a bowl full of liquid stuff that had a pleasant cinnamon smell to it. Or maybe it was ginger. Apple? With a flick of his wand, the mixture started to stir itself. "Is this your first coloring?"

Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
SCARY man approaching!!!

Leo was slowly getting his nervs under control when the hair dresser showed up and well to him the man looked well untrusting. Could he let that man near his hair? Pulse raising he exchanged a long glance with Sophia before murmuring to the hair dresser. "I think I might need a simple hair cut, if its possible?" Please say you don't have time. I don't actually need a hair cut very badly at all.
Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
Oooh finally the stylist was ready for them. Sophia got to her feet, so she could show him what she wanted him to do with Leo's hair. She ignored Leo's comment about a simple cut or whatever he was whining about.

"I want something boyish for him. So you'll want to cut the back low and have a bit of top. So he can feel something when he touches his hair. He's a bit scared of going bald you see."
Dear man, was it possible? "Can pigs fly?"

Oh, Monte JOKES! He laughed and gave a good ol' slap on the man's shoulder. Of course pigs can fly, just as he could give a simple haircut. Looking towards the woman, Monte's eyebrows raised as he listened to the request and that slight fear of the man. Oh. OHHHHH.

Monte turned to the man, sympathy as clear as day in his eyes. "I understand...completely." He nodded. Yes. He. Did. "BUT, you won't go bald with me around. You have my promise. Example 'a'."

Did they SEE Monte's LOVELY hair? He was gesturing to it.
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