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Alyssa quietly walked into the classroom. She smiled when she saw toy trains sitting on top of tracks located between each pair of desks. Alyssa noticed Professor Scabior sitting at his desk on which another train set was placed only this one was actually running along the tracks. Alyssa loved watching toy trains running on its tracks. It reminded her of home where the family would spend hours setting up the train tracks on Christmas Day, so that the train would run around the Christmas Tree and along the miniature town they would set up.

Shaking her head to bring her back to the present, Alyssa walked up to the Professor and greeted him.

"Hello Professor. It is really good to be back in another of your classes." Alyssa smiled in greeting. Then she turned around and picked an empty desk and wondered who would join her. From the way the tables were arranged it looked like whoever sat with her would be partnering up with her.

While Alyssa waited for class to start, she took out her journal and writing materials and placed them on the desk. Then she pulled out her History of Magic textbook and turned the pages to see whether there was anything in that that mentioned the history of the Hogwarts Express and the town of Hogsmeade.
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