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Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
Beating Leo to the door Sophia held it open for him. He'd let her talk him into getting a haircut,which was good for him since the man badly needed one. A new do would certainly bring out his features more and perhaps he'd have better look with women then too.

And since today was all about hair she decided against straightening her curls. She instead sported a full head of curls to the village.

"I think something nice and low would look good on you, make you look younger."
Why on earth had he let Sophia talk him into getting a new haircut? Leobald groaned silently as the saloon came into full view. What if the hair dresser was a very bad one and actually made him bald? Biting on a nail nervously he walked into the hair saloon ahead of the charms professor because she had left him no escape route. "Are you really sure I need a new hair cut Sophia? My hair doesn't look bad, does it?" Please can we leave again?

Leo let his gaze nervously drift around the saloon as he absently touched his curly mop hair with his right hand. This could end badly....
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