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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

"Yes..." Annie side-eyed Ian as she followed him up the stairs. "To Muggle Studies." Bird. Why was Cerulean a BIRD? What was that? Did he think she was good looking? She was pretty plain, wasn't she? And bitter about being single?

That was the vibe Annie had gotten from their brief interaction at the speech, anyway.

"Professor Cerulean!" she led the charge and knocked on the woman's door, then turned around to give the Board of Governors a bright smile. "I'm sure you, Cassandra, and you, Lainey, are both very familiar with the first floor... so I thought we'd just touch base with one of our staffers whose subject may not be as popular as the others but is still a valuable asset to the school..."

Muggles studies, or as Annie liked to think of it, the class you should take before you go shopping! How else were you going to know when the Muggles were ripping you off for a designer handbag?
Cassandra let Mr. Amoroso lead the way, although her preference would have been to see her old classroom or Lainey's. Still, it was a good opportunity to meet the Muggle Studies professor.

At the office door, Cassandra offered a hand to Professor Cerulean. "My pleasure, Professor. We won't interrupt you for long, but I was hoping you could share your thoughts on the subject at Hogwarts."
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