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Hogsmeades had a hair salon?!?! Gosh, Cardigan didn't get out enough! If she had actually known about this place, heck, she might've stayed here all day! Hair was cool in that weird way. It could grow back to normal if you cut it, but you can't do that with clothes! At least, it wouldn't look the same. You'd have to patch it up.

Pushing open the door and stepping inside, she gasped, out of pure awe. It was just so, COLORFUL AND FUN!! The decorations were so eye-catching!! There were star shaped decorations, triangle shapes, square shapes, circle shapes and the best of all, the spirals! It definitely didn't seem boring in here. The young snake continued her walk through the store to the receptionists desk, mentally taking note of everything. You couldn't forget it! FINALLY arriving at the desk, she asked out in a clear voice, "'scuse me?" Now would be a good time to decide what to get. A new haircut? A hairstyle? New hair color?
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