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Oh. Thank Merlin. It was him!

Grinning widely, Beezus chose to sit beside him first before answering his question. She can sit there right? Without asking for permission? There wasn't any 'No Ravenclaws allowed to sit here' sign in the vicinity, was there? But she looked behind her anyways, just to make sure. Nope. No fuzzy signage as the one on her mind.

Then she faced him once more, "Uhm, yeah. I was actually looking for you...kind of." Was he psychic? How did he know that? He was a seer like the Gryffindor Captain, perhaps? Or was her approach a bit too obvious? Meh. "I'm Beezus by the way." The brunette introduced herself before settling in to answer the next inquiry. Okay, why was she looking for him?

"Well, as you've guessed, I was indeed looking for you because.. eermm." She pursed her lips for a second. "..Kendall." Surely he was smart enough to understand the meanings that came with the name?

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