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After the whole confusion of what it was going on between him and Kendall after he had admitted to her what he felt, Patrick hadn't much felt like talking to anyone since he didn't entirely think they would help; probably they would have ended up making things much more confusing then they already had been which didn't seem entirely possible but it was practically impossible to know for sure. This is much more difficult than coming up with a new kind of chocolate which already is pretty much a challenge, it's like reinventing chocolate all together. It really was, there had been no other way to explain it. Hiding out in the common room for the past couple days hadn't caused him to get any closer to figure anything out, so possibly the open area of the Great Hall could have kick started his brain to work even if he had doubted it; either way there was still food there so it could have provided some form of distraction from everything. He quickly headed towards the Slytherin table and took a seat, noting that it was empty which was quite strange; normally there would have been some of his housemates there but it wasn't something he was going to concern himself over. Not when there were important matters to deal with.
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