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Originally Posted by Cassandra View Post
"I told you to give me a few weeks!" Tay snarled, "It isnt like I asked you to wait months like you did to me." Taylor's face showed how his last statement hit her hard and she couldnt stop the small whimper. Her voice grew small and quiet, "I had a potion making me act like that and you knew that... you have no excuse..." She turned, her shoulders shaking.
"I never said you had to wait! I said that I could not date, I never said you couldn't go and date someone else while I went through what I did, so what gives you the right to tell me I'm horrible for this?" Damon sighed, "And you do realize, had you not have told her that we wouldn't be? I never would've told her, she wouldn't know, and we would have stayed friends." He looked at her, "Oh that's right, a potion, sent in the sweets your secret admirer sent had something that made you hate me, makes sense,"
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