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SPOILER!!: Gibbins and Kurumi
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Kurumi actually wasn't entirely sure that she really needed to return the splint that she had received from the Groundskeeper at Hogsmeade station or not, but better safe than sorry, right? For all she knew the man had simply conjured it out of thin air and therefore it was rather disposable...oh well. Maybe he would get a good laugh out of her coming all the way to his office to return the splint to him?

So, somewhat shyly, Kurumi approached the door and gave it two swift knocks.
Originally Posted by Mell View Post
The lad was okay. That was good. Pity the same couldn't be said for his hut. Seb gave a quick glance around the place and shook his head. Nothing ever changed, he smiled wryly and when the kid spoke again, he jerked his head in the direction of the Russian terrier lying under the dining table panting hard.

Apparently she had tired herself out.

Seb moved very slowly towards the toad, the Hufflepuff doing the same and he gave the kid a small nod of his head as he closed in on the toad.

Another knock on the door caused the toad to move once again, springing into the air and landing on the dining table. In her haste to get up, Pepper banged her head on the table before running out barking once again.

And the chase was on once again.

Seb threw up his hands in exasperation and then yelled, "COME IN!" Perhaps another set of hands would do the trick.
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Kurumi hadn't expected such a LOUD voice to come from Mr. Gibbins' office, so the Gryffindor jumped back slightly before approaching the door again and pulling it open. She was just about to do her Japanese greeting of 'excuse the intrusion' when she saw....


Kurumi didn't notice the toad at first, being more concerned with the barking dog, flailing Groundkeeper, and equally panicked looking Oakey. Maybe she should come back later?

"Is there....something I can do?"

Like...clean up all the paint? *blink blink*

Just a few more steps, just a few more and they've got the Toad. It seemed the Groundskeeper's gog had founds her way under the table. Perfect, Pepper was breathless which meant that she wasn't going to be getting in the way anymore. He tip toed a few more feet and was literally about to snatch the Horned Toad from above the fireplace when a loud knock came from the door.

The horned toad was startled and leaped from the mantle onto the table just above Pepper, which brought the dog back into action! This was getting ridiculous, Oakey paused for a moment letting Pepper and the toad run amuck in the hut to see Kurumi entering now. "K-Kurumi!" Oakey said irritated that it was her fault that the chaos had erupted again.

Without a moments notice the toad leaped right past Oakey and he could hear Pepper coming up right behind him. He turned quickly and got onto one knee. Putting his arms out and grabbed onto the Groundskeeper's dog and held on as hard as he could. "Hold still" Oakey said to the dog as calmly as possible. he took one hand and began petting behind one of her ears."Good girl, Pepper." He switched his hand to her other ear "Now sit."
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