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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
In desperate need on checking some information against one of the texts she kept in her Study Lab, Fina headed that way and opened the door. She didn't expect to see anyone, to be honest. And certainly not someone over there, crunched up in a tight wad, crying softly into her knees. It took Fina a moment to swallow the shock, thereby, and approach, sliding gently into the seat beside her.

"Er... are you okay, dear?" She asked hesitantly.
Sutton jumped suddenly and looked up with a small gasp when she heard a voice next to her. She had been so absorbed in her own despairing thoughts that she hadn't even HEARD anyone else come in or sit next to her. With wide, sparkling eyes, the third year stared at the woman sitting next to her. This had to be a professor. What a great first impression she had made!

Immediately tucking away her tears and sitting up properly in her seat, Sutton made the conscious decision to avoid the professor's kind but complicated question. "Am... am I not supposed to be in here, professor? It's just... the door wasn't locked, and there wasn't anyone in here so I just thought..."

Actually, what she had thought, Sutton wasn't sure. Now that she looked, she noticed this couldn't be the kind of room people simply wandered into. There were lots of books, but they all seemed to be about roughly the same topic. As her eyes scanned the spines nearby, words popped out at her such as: Arithmancy, Numerology, Finding your Path. Sutton had no idea what any of this meant, but this was probably a place for older students or even just professors...
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