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Originally Posted by Presley Black View Post
At least Awarlesta had reacted in much the same wasy as Presley had. That meant that it wasn't just Presley's mean side hoping her cousin would get in trouble. It was legitimately what they both thought would happen, and then their grandfather had said the opposite. Presley grinned at the thought of her pretty music box. "I loved it, thanks kiddo." Almost having forgotten about it, Presley asked "So, how did your first day go?" It must have gone well. Lessie was a Black. The name itself commanded the day to go well for them. Sometimes. Presley was quickly learning that life wasn't nice to anyone. Not even her. The invincible Presley Lynne Black.

And there was that stupid kid again. Presley looked at him sharply as he struggled to remember her name. Only idiots didn't know her after going to the same school as her for at least two years by the look of the kid. She sneered at him, and turned back to her cousin. "Lessie, pleaaaaaase tell me that the little insect isn't a friend of yours?"

Awar smiled big as Presley said she loved her present. At least, I did that right! Awarlesta thought back to her first day, swaying back and forth. " was good, fantastic. I'm excited for the year!" She starting thinking about all the things Manolo and her father would tell her and she could nearly burst of excitement.

Awar waved at Nate as he entered the common room. "My friend?" Awar shrugged and looked down at her shoes. "Yeah, I guess. He's really nice. He just got the wrong impression of you."
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