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Mom says I have no sense of direction, so I packed my bags and right.

Oakey made his way down to the hut with a determined look upon his face. He had to test this new Groundskeeper. See if what Mr.Murdoch said was true in that this person did not steal his job. That Mr.Murdoch had indeed left on his own accord.

It looked like the same old hut, aside from a few plants here and there. Some of them seemed to be swaying, although it wasn't windy today. He would stay as far away from those plants as possible then.

Oakey just stood outside for a few minutes he paced around the building at a distance checking for any signs that this man was job stealer, but nothing. Maybe all the hints were inside.

He walked his way back around to the front and went up the stair.
Hmmmm, it sounded like the same door.
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