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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
It was okay to come up here now right...? The woman had said all she needed to right?...Well that had to be the case because that Lainey woman just walked off the place and headed down into the students. See this was were the inconvenience came. If she could still talk she would have yelled--yes yelled at her for what she made her have to do but of course even if she tried no words would come out so she let it slide for now. The woman would get hers later.

Approaching the dias she saw that Headmistress woman; which reminded her...she needed to clear up something with her once she got her speech back because she couldn't stand to lose anymore points. Maybe the woman was an understanding one and hey maybe she forgot all about the 11 year old calling her Hogs Head. In all fairness it was an honest mistake brought on by annoying older children who thought it was fun to mess with the firstie! She would get her revenge...just not on the one that actually told her to call her that because well...she had given her a chocolate frog so she kinda had her loyalty....sad but true.

She gave the Headmistress the most polite smile she could manage as she walked by her. Hopefully she wouldn't have thought it rude that she didn't say good even but really she couldn't which was why she was up here!

Her eyes caught sight of the Healer, just a bit down from her target and sought to quickly walk by her. Obviously she knew that the Healer would have seen the make-shift sling that was made from a Ravenclaw tie to hoist her hand up but she didn't want her stopping her to ask her about it. Her wrist may have been changing colour but a student said it wasn't broken so it would be fine by morning! Yup all good by morning so no on would have to drag her up to the Hospital Wing and that being the case there was no need for her to comment on the hand!

But then she had to stop!!! Shiny Ground's keeper!!! She paused right infront of him and gave him a wide grin and a wave. If only she could talk then she would say hi...for now waving would work!

Alexa hesitantly approached the meaner--not that she'd called him that. As she did she tried her hardest to remove any fragments of amusement or a smile...he took 5 points for her giggling, there was no telling how many he would take off if she approached him with her usual smile. For all she knew he might have thought she was being cheeky. Yikes.

Gripping the paper and pencil firmly in her still okay hand she took a deep breath then stood before him. For a moment she just stood there staring at him, wondering if he would say something first. He might of because he had to know why she was up there; it wasn't for the view!



But then she decided to scribble. Good evening Professor.

Once she was done with him she would probably make her way up and down the table.

Serenity joined Alexa. She wasn't sure what she was doing up here, especially with the professor who's silenced them. But whatever. So she came too. She thought about adding to Lex's note, but thought she's wait for Professor sir to come and reply before she said anything and lost any of her own points.

She had heard he was an ex-Snake so hopefully he had a soft spot for Snakes? Either way, she didn't want him to take 50 housepoints off her, or Lex. Actualky rather, Serenity. She felt bad enough Lex had lost 5.

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